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1st act:


  We were in the 10th grade, one of the first Economics classes of the trimester and that's when I decided to follow my passion for telling stories. While Mrs. Conceição kept on pointing out the main distinctions between offer and demand and keeping everyone quiet, I started to write my first script.  It was going to be a feature with Joaquin Phoenix and Rosamund Pike, I was also going to direct it of course, and it would have the biggest budget in decades.

  But it didn't take a while for me to realize that from some dialogues on the back of my math class book to have a worldwide premiered feature, is a tough and long journey that most of us do not even achieve it.

2nd act:

  So, after finishing the economics degree, I joined a 3-year TV and Film course at ETIC. Finally, the beginning of my adventure. First day, and I already knew I was in the right place. It was there that I fall in love with Nicolas Winding Refn, Chan Wook-Park, Paul Thomas Anderson, or Chaplin. I learned how to handle a camera, how different lenses and colors can affect the way we perceive the story. I learned that you can't make a film alone and how crucial each job, each person is for the final result.

  After a documentary, a prized short and dozens of concerts shot, the course was done. And I was not ready to the big battle yet. I had to learn more, I needed more tools to tell a story. So I joined a 1-year Screenwritting Diploma in London. In the end of the year I had written 2 short films, 2 featutes and 1 Tv show. Before the course I didn't even know I was capable of writing so much.


3rd act:

  Now, I'm finally ready and hungry for more. Shorts, Promos, Commercials and Videoclips. All of them need a story, therefore all. of them need someone to tell it.

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