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Short Film

Aurora tells the story of Teresa and Mariana, apparently the perfect couple but that shows their true nature when they are alone. As jealousy starts to grow on Mariana's head, Teresa has to leave before it is too late. Will she escape the toxic relationship in time?


To show that visually, it's used a split screen as a metaphor of the two, becoming only half of a person. In the first shot, we can see the two protagonists as if it was only one person. In the last, as Teresa abandon the house, escaping the mental prison she was in, the split screen ends, as she becomes herself again.

Producer: Nuno Máximo Flora
Director: Lourenço Vaz & Rita Isaúl 
Writer: Lourenço Vaz
Cinematographer: Lourenço Vaz & Rita Isaúl
Editor: Rita Isaúl

Drama, Romance, 2018

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