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Palm Trees

Music Video

Artist: KOMET
Director: Laura Possum (Belgium)
1st AD: Lourenço Vaz
Writer: Lourenço Vaz
Cinematographer: Frederico Velez
Editor: Frederico Velez

 Despite its joyful rhythm and contagious energy, this song carries a much deeper meaning behind it. In this particular universe created by the song itself, these so often mentioned "Palm Trees" represent the idea of self-knowledge. When KOMET found these metaphorical trees, a feeling of being at one with the Universe and a feeling of alignment came through.


 As portrayed in the music video, KOMET brings his girl along (representing the audience) on this figurative journey of self-discovery, that later on suffers an abrupt ending, symbolizing the perpetuated self-doubt that still unsettles the artist and that contrasts with the whole point of the journey and the song itself.



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